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PLUS TOKEN Wallet is a product of the development of three countries (Japan, South Korea and China). The platform was created by the developers of Samsung Technology in Korea. Product licensed in the United States.


Headquartered in Singapore.


Presentation English *** Plus Token Wallet: 

Leo, co-founder of Plus Token and PSEX, met with Prince Charles in the UK and was invited to the “Investments in the Future” charity dinner. There is no price for this material. PlusToken is not a business. This is a policy that is steeper than any business. In this case, our money is absolutely protected:


To join, simply download the wallet onto your I-phone or Android phone. First visit 

Plus Token Wallet 18% for keeping your currency there !


Modern multi-currency criptowallet that still makes a profit. Idea developer Samsung Technology Licensed in the US. PlusToken - this system, which does not have the full cost of the coinage, but also has a return of 10% -18% in the average of the arbitrary baggage. The system works totally on mobile applications: You visited your Google phone: Free Download App and Download Referee Number for Referees 602347389 Save 100% of your workload in the perforated lines To join, simply download the wallet onto your I-phone or Android phone. First visit 

then watch the "instruction video" on wallet installation. Then you can download the correct APP to your phone. Then open the APP and fill out the information and put in your referrals code (Enter CODE: 602347389) The Plus token wallet has technology that very few wallets have. This is a decentralized wallet that is secure and private. Learn how you can earn up to 20% with our secret strategy. The plus token english market is ready to explode. The plus token exchange will be released very soon as well. Earn on the transaction fees from the plus token exchange.

PLUS TOKEN American Foundation ALIK attended the New York World Block Chain Conference and announced the establishment of Southeast Asia's first STO Exchange.

What is STO? The full name of STO is Security Token Offering, which is the issuance of securities-type certificates. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) divides cryptocurrencies into two categories, namely, Utility Token and Security Token. STO belongs to the second one. STO usually needs to be supervised and protected by relevant local agencies, while the issuing institution will be bound by laws and regulations. And the relevant tokens need to be registered with the CSRC and comply with various provisions of the securities law, which provides a certain degree of protection for the investors.


After PLUS TOKEN has successively landed in Hong Kong, China, Jeju Island, South Korea, Geneva of Switzerland and Harvard University in the United States conducted technical discussions and exchanges, LUS TOKEN arrived at the (WBF) Global Blockchain Summit – New York Station according to appointment and discussed with a number of blockchain entrepreneurs and Wall Street elites about supervisory policies of different countries, the development of blockchains in different regions, and the development trend of future blockchains, especially about the current hotspot of STO. How to effectively use of STO in a better way, to service blockchain entrepreneurs, and to create better value is the purpose of PLUS TOKEN’s US trip.


The first exchange STO

(Security Token Offering) is already open for work!


GET 10% - 18%

MONTHLY FOR THE STORAGE OF CRYSTOVAL CURVES IN THE PLUS TOKEN WALLET WALLET, and also for connecting people through the affiliate program - 100% in the first line of everyone's earnings!



New mobile online wallet to store your cryptocurrency, which is on the 3rd place in the world in popularity! Mobile wallet for Andrid and iOS.

Referral number: 602347389 (required to be filled in for correct registration of the application)



Note: In IOS mobile, you must allow installation of applications from an external source.

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PlusToken was officially launched on September 14, 2018 in South Korea and operates in more than 30 countries. PlusToken is a system that is not only a wallet for storing coins, but also makes a profit of 10% -18% per month from arbitrage trading. Arbitrage is without risky trading.



Earn an additional 100% of the earnings of your invitees in the first line and 10% from the 2nd to the 10. line!


Plus Token Wallet: withdrawal of money 2019:


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Plus Token Wallet. 18% dafür, dass Sie Ihre Währung dort behalten !!! Beispiellose neue Krypto-Geldbörse. Deutsch.