In our life, there are no guarantees.
Uncertainty is the norm.
Keep your nose to the wind for victory!






Everyone will join you after you take your first step.



1. INDEX 1 - Investments from $ 20000 with an income of 1-1.2% per day

2. INDEX 2 - Investments from $ 1000 with an income of 0.5 - 0.8% per day + FNK token
2. Purchase of cars, real estate, etc. for 35% of the cost.
3. Fiiniko Cachback Service  15 - 25% on goods and services + 6% on Deposit
4. Closing loans/mortgages for 35% of the remaining debt.


Finiko is an automated profit generation system. The system works on the principle of predicted risks, which are managed by the statistics of decentralized products.


Each product is handled by a team of highly focused professionals. For example, experts in the field of cryptocurrency provide maximum income with a special trading strategy. The second team specializes in currency pair speculation. And professionals specializing in the oil market make decisions about further movements of black gold on the Moscow Exchange and foreign stock exchanges (Forex, Chicago Mercantile Exchange( CME), NASDAQ, Bitmex)


Thus, the system diversifies the risks and gives a high probability of meeting the forecast of portfolio profitability.

This approach allows Finiko to work without loss since 2017.

Earn money with us!

Automatic profit generation system.

The system works on the principle of predictable risks,
which are controlled by statistics of decentralized products.

A few words about the company:
Income is calculated daily, except weekends and holidays. The system takes two days to place capital and
on the third day calculates the first income. How is Index CTI formed? The index is composed of ten independent products.
The task of each of them is to achieve a profitability of 5% per day.


Transparency and decentralization became the basis

for creating an automatic profit generation system.

Do whatever you want, but you have to have money.



Finiko is an investment company in which you can earn 22% per month. Also you can buy a car or real estate for 35% of its value. If you want to know more please contact me at the contacts listed below, I will tell you all the details.


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Full review of Finiko company in English


Get your real money back for any purchases or services

15% - 31% to your account !!!

Scan any checks for the amount of the deposit and get your money back! There is no such cashback system anywhere else:



The best offer on the cashback market

The goal of the company is to make a cashback service

number 1 in the world in popularity.



FINIKO cashback service - product from Finiko 


CBS ONE Cashback service. By using this offer, you get 6% per month on your deposit and a starting 15% discount on ALL YOUR PURCHASES (within the framework of the deposit). if you have $ 100 on your deposit, then you can upload checks for $ 100 and receive a refund from this amount in real money to your wallet. The essence of this product is very simple: you have a deposit and you receive dividends from it. You can earn up to 31% per month. Cashback service is already very popular in the CIS countries. Who is the customer for this product? All 100% of people who buy something. The minimum deposit is $ 100. Start earning. Register, go through verification in Finiko, replenish your account and get profit.


In order to view your personal account in the company, participate in investments, in programs for cars and apartments, you need to register with FINIKO for free, and get your identification number, i.e. ID


You will receive it immediately after registration.

You can register in Finiko at this link:

Livestream of the closed meeting of the Finiko Leadership Council. On February 8 at 19:00 Moscow time, a livestream of the meeting will take place, in which Finiko partners will participate. Speaker - Kirill Doronin. We will talk about the latest news, about Finiko products and answers to questions from the audience - we are waiting for everyone at 19:00 Moscow time.:

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