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1. Investments from $ 1000 with an income of 1-1.2% per day
2. Purchase of cars, real estate, etc. for 35% of the cost.
3. Cryptocurrency Card cashback up to 15 - 25% on goods and services + 6% on Deposit
4. Closing loans/mortgages for 35% of the remaining debt.


 Why should you buy this card CBS ONE *** FINIKO:

Video instructions for registering and investing:


In order to view your personal account in the company, participate in investments, in programs for cars and apartments, or get a MASTERCARD card, you need to register with FINIKO for free, and get your identification number, i.e. ID


You will receive it immediately after registration.


You can register in Finikov at this link:



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The best offer in the cashback market.

Cryptocurrency card, with the function of a regular currency.


                                FINIKO cashback service - review. English:


Finiko CBS ONE has released a revolutionary product. Namely,

a card with a cashback of up to 15 - 25%. 


Just imagine ... you spend $ 1000,

and you get $ 250 in real money.

And that’s not all ... 6% of the balance on the card


There is an amazing referral program from the recommendations of this card.


- cashback 15 - 25%, from any purchases, services, or gas stations worldwide.

- cashback with real money, not points and bonuses.

- 6% on the card deposit.

- free service.

- a limit of $ 13,000 per day (withdrawal from an ATM).

- commission for purchases 2%, for withdrawals from ATMs 3%.

- Bitcoin replenishment (soon fiat), we withdraw fiat money.

- income from the sale of cards by refsystem at $ 100 per card.

- 3% of income from deposits in the structure at 10 levels in depth.


- 0.15% of all purchases by structure at 10 levels in depth.


In order to order a card, you need to register with FINIKO for free, undergo verification and get your ID number

You will receive it immediately after registration.


Registration here:

How to register:


1. After registration, you need to top up your balance with 500 CFR. 1CFR = $ 1. Replenished in BITCOINS. How to replenish balance instructions above

2. In the left menu, select the “Cashback Card” section

3. Click on the "Buy" button

4. Fill in the data and enter the card delivery address


Done! You pre-ordered CashBack Card! The card is currently under construction. Delivery date will be known within 2 weeks.


Please note that payment for a card is 500 cyfron (dollars)

The numbers are domestic currency, 1 CFR = $ 1.

Of these $ 500, you get on the card balance for expenses of $ 250,


for a card deposit of $ 100. The cost of the card itself is $ 50. And $ 100 goes through the referral system to your invitation immediately after buying a card.


A card deposit works in the stock and currency markets in 22 areas of the company, it is a deposit on the card that brings us a refund, i.e. cashback.